Notices for Week of May 28, 2017

Ascension 2Good day dear friends,

This Sunday we will be celebrating the feast of the Ascension. For 40 days after Jesus of Nazareth’s death,  the risen Christ continues to teach the disciples how to be in loving relationship with him beyond his physical presence. He invites them to let go of him physically, and then an even larger Love will come to you – the Advocate, the Comforter, the Holy Spirit. This Holy Spirit, Jesus says, will show us even greater things. The Spirit leads us into the Life and flow of the  relational Trinity. The church invites the world into baptism into this Trinitarian flow – the loving flow of Father to Son and the unitive and creative nature of Holy Spirit that always gives way to new life and new creation in Love. It is this Loving Presence – an inclusive Divine Dance of Love – that Jesus says will be with us always. Thanks be to God!


Father Gerald+

Pot luck on Sunday. Bring a dish of something along on Sunday and share in community friendship.

Roy and Tania Mercer and others from the Bay Roberts Search and Rescue Unit will be with us on Sunday to share a picture presentation from their recent Guatemala mission. Reports and updates will be given on sponsored children from our parish.

Notices: 28 May 2017, Ascension 

Alleluia! Christ is Risen! The Lord is Risen indeed! Alleluia!

Pot Luck lunch Sunday. All are welcome.

Holy Baptism. Today we welcome into the Body of Christ: Jacob Thomey. Let us commit to growing  together in the Love that is God.

Roy and Tania Mercer have recently been on a mission to Guatemala. They will give a picture presentation following liturgy and lunch on Sunday, May 28. They will give a report on our parish sponsor child, and on other children who are sponsored by parishioners.

Any individuals who may be interested in our upcoming parish golf tournament and would like to to forma a team or be part of team, let Lynn Clarke or Father Gerald know.

When receiving communion from the chalice, in order to aide the eucharistic assistants, please guide the cup to your mouth with your hands.

Father Richard Rohr is a contemporary leader in the deepening faith and spiritual practice movement throughout the Christian church. If you would like a little more help and encouragement in deepening your own faith and spiritual practice, in addition to what is available in our parish, go to, and at the top of that page, subscribe to Father Richard’s daily e-mails. I highly recommend it.

The Annual Parish Golf tournament has been confirmed for Saturday June 17th at  Pitcher’s Pond. Registration and lunch at 12:00 with shot gun start at 1:00. To register or for more info contact Lynn Clarke at or 683-1270.

Parish Annual Family BBQ and children’s games will be on Sunday June 18th at All Hallows school following the liturgy.

Parish Financial Update

1st Quarter Summary

Total in:

Free will: $21,407.00

Fundraising and other: $9,993.32

Subtotal: $31,400.32

Total out:

Expenses: -$34,294.56

Mortgage: -$2,958.00

Net Position: -$5,852.24

For the 1st quarter of 2017 we find ourselves running a deficit of approx. $2000 per month. When we compare our free will offerings to the same period last year, we are down a total of $2000 for that same period and $1500 below our 1st quarter budgeted amount for 2017. This is a little concerning but similar to past years. Our fundraising efforts continue to do well with $450 ahead of budget so a big thank you to all who make that happen! This winter has been a little hard on us financially so we look forward to your continued support to get us back on track in the spring!

Lavrock Camp:  Space is limited and applications will need to be submitted early to secure a spot. You can find more information on the diocesan website