Notices for week of November 26, 2017

whatsoever you doGood day dear friends,

This Sunday we will celebrate the feast of Christ the King, bringing an end to the Church’s liturgical year, and opening us to begin our Advent preparations for the watching and waiting for the coming of Love within us. This Sunday we will hear Jesus tell us in the Gospel that “whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers or sisters, that you do unto me.” The Kingdom of God, the Reign of Christ is, with an awakened heart, to see, to love and to serve Christ in all people. What a world it would be if we could spiritually wake up and see Christ in the face of every human being – especially those most in need.


Father Gerald+

Notices:  Christ the King, 26 November 2017

A big thank you to all who helped make our annual Christmas auction a success. A lot of work and a lot of love goes into this event, and it is an important part of our annual revenue.

Sunday, November 26 will be the last evening Group Meditation session until the new year.

Wednesday, November 29 will be the last Scones and Tea and midweek mass until the new year.

Christmas Buffet Breakfast on Saturday, December 16, from 8 to 11am.


If you would like to read a reading during the Sunday liturgy, or read the prayers of the people, contact Carole Saunders at  or Father Gerald.

Anyone wanting a home visit, to discuss the life of prayer & spiritual living, or any other pastoral need, please take the initiative and contact Father Gerald.


Deacon Gladys is pastorally responsible for those who are sick and shut in. Please let her know if you know of anyone sick or in hospital.

Automatic deposit and Envelopes: Your responsible financial contribution to the parish is of course very important. Envelops are available on table at entrance to the Oratory.  For more information on automatic deposit, please talk to any of the financial team: Deanna Spicer, Terry Murphy, Winston Bishop, or Father Gerald.