Parish Notices for Week of January 28

Notices: Proper 4, 28 January 2018
2018 Church Envelopes are now available at the entrance to the oratory.
January’s Fundraiser is tickets on a snowblower. The draw will be on Friday, February 2. Tickets are available from Lynn Clarke at 683-1270 or
Confirmation classes will begin on Sunday, February 4. Register with Marie Taylor 786-3368, or Father Gerald.
Group Meditation will resume on Sunday evenings, 7pm on February 4. For more info contact Father Gerald.
The Pilgrim Course (this session will be on the 10 Commandments) will begin on Monday, February 5. All are welcome. For more info contact Deacon Gladys at or 683-2266.
Senior’s Cafe will be on Thursday, February 1, from 2 to 4pm.
Bereavement Support Group, Thursday, February 8, 7:30pm in the All Saints Room. All are welcome.
Sunday Lunches: All are welcome to stay after liturgy for a little bit of lunch and friendship building.
Anyone wanting a home visit, to discuss the life of prayer & spiritual living, or any other pastoral need, please take the initiative and contact Father Gerald.


Deacon Gladys is pastorally responsible for those who are sick and shut in. Please let her know (  683-2266) if you know of anyone sick or in hospital.
Father Richard Rohr is a contemporary leader in the deepening faith and spiritual practice movement throughout the Christian church. If you would like a little more help and encouragement in deepening your own faith and spiritual practice, in addition to what is available in our parish, go to, and at the top of that page, subscribe to Father Richard’s daily e-mails. I highly recommend it.
If you’d like to make a donation to help support our hospitality ministry, these are some of our required items:
Jam, Peanut Butter, Margarine, Ketchup, Mustard
Molasses, Canned milk, Sugar, Artificial Sweetener
Ground coffee, Tea, Apple juice, Orange juice, Hot chocolate, Raisin Bran, Corn Flakes, Salt, Pepper.
“Blue Parking”: Please leave parking at entrance and all along the front of Cafe windows for those with disabled parking permits or families with infants.
Scent Free Environment: Many people now suffer from allergies. Please, when gathering in our House for the Church, refrain from wearing colognes and perfumes.
The Church needs your support. Please remember the Parish of the Resurrection when making your wills.
Automatic deposit and Envelopes: Your responsible financial contribution to the parish is of course very important. Envelops are available on table at entrance to the Oratory.  For more information on automatic deposit, please talk to any of the financial team: Deanna Spicer, Terry Murphy, Winston Bishop, or Father Gerald.