> 26 July Prayers of the People – Parish of the Resurrection

26 July Prayers of the People


For the Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

July 26th 2020

1 Kings 3: 5-12

Psalm 119

Romans 8: 28-30

Matthew 13: 44-52

God of Wisdom,

We know that you are available to all who seek you, and that you give to those who ask. May we, like King Solomon, ask for that which is pleasing in your sight. May we, like the man who found the pearl of great price, seek to acquire true wealth, which is knowledge of you, our Heavenly Father,  and your son, Jesus Christ. 


We pray in wisdom, saying,

Lord, hear our prayer.

Lord of Love,

Grant us, your ecclesia, your called-out ones, the love and compassion to be a light to the world. Help us to help the downtrodden, sooth the depressed and forlorn, feed the hungry and provide for those in need. May we be your hands and voice to all people. We especially pray for the Parishes of Pistolet Bay and Plum Point. We also pray for the Parish of the Resurrection as we prepare to do the work of reopening the house of the church.


We pray in love, saying,

Lord, hear our prayer.

Father of Humanity,

As the world suffers under the strain of disease, violence, discrimination and fear, it is easy to fall into despair that things will ever get better. Help us, Father, to remember that you are here with us and in us, that you will never leave us, and that you work all things for our betterment. Grant our leaders the wisdom to know the right thing to do, and give them both the courage and the will to do it. 


We pray in faith, saying,

Lord, hear our prayer.