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Pilgrim Course

Our next Pilgrim course is called CHURCH AND KINGDOM. Following in the WAY, we will not be chiefly concerned about defining what the Church is beyond “The People” but rather following in the way of Jesus. Jesus’ teaching was about the Kingdom, following in His way and living under God’s rule, praying and working constantly for God’s kingdom to come on earth.

In this course we will look at what does it mean to live as a child of the kingdom of God and follow the way of Christ each day as a member of His church?

How does it affect our life at work as well as at home?

How does it affect what we do with the gifts we have been given, especially those gifts of time , talents, passions, resources and money?

How does it affect our relationships with others? With the world?

How is the Christian faith changing us and shaping us so that we become more like Jesus?

This course is available to everyone whether you have done any of the others or not. IN THIS TIME OF CHANGE IN THE CHURCH THIS WILL BE AN INTERESTING PROGRAM TO FOLLOW.

All are invited and all are welcome. The course begins on Monday, February 24, in the St.Geroge room of the Resurrection. For more info contact Deacon Gladys at gladysharvey13@gmail.com or 683-2266.