Notices for Week of 13 February 2022

Dear friends,

In the Gospel today we hear Jesus teaching about the Beatitudes, probably the most important body of teaching in all of Scripture. The “Poor in spirit” Beatitude designates an inner attitude of receptivity and openness – an openness to a deepening life in God. The spiritual journey is about practicing the surrendering to the deeper and eternal flow of Life and Love that we are all part of. 


Father Gerald+

The Sunday Lunch Ministry has resumed. 

Children’s Church and Confirmation classes have resumed in-person on Sundays. 

Group Meditation has resumed in person on Wednesdays at 11am.

Yoga has resumed on Wednesdays at 9:30am.

Scones and Tea has resumed on Wednesdays from 10:30 to 1pm. 

Poetry ministry has resumed on Wednesdays at noon. 

AA ministry has resumed in person on Thursdays at 8pm.

Questions of Life has begun in person on Wednesdays at 1pm. We will begin with, How Can I be Sure of my Faith?  Many people today are unsure of anything, including their faith. It’s a good time to discuss and share and hear from people like Nicky Gumbel, Richard Rohr and Steven Charleston. Come and share. Come early and have tea and scones. See you at the house!

Confirmation classes have begun. Children need to be in at least grade 6. Register with Carole Saunders at, or 680-0455. 

Life in the Eucharist classes will begin on Sunday, February 20. If you have a child or grandchild below 11 years of age and would like to have them participating in the Holy Communion, register with Father Gerald. 

Please keep these children’s ministries in your prayer. 

2021 Annual Reports are now due. Please forward to Father Gerald. 

The Parish Web Site is now up and running. 

The Anglican Charitable Foundation for Children is a fund that is available from our diocese for children in need. For more information contact Deacon Janet or Father Gerald. 

February 13 is Queen’s College Appeal Sunday in all Anglican parishes across the province. Your support of Queen’s College through this collection in your parish or through an on-line donation at will help us continue to prepare clergy and lay people for leadership in the Church. Your support of Queen’s College is one way of ensuring the Church is equipped to respond to current and future needs for generations in the Church and beyond. Thank you for your support. 

Facts about Queen’s College

  • We are committed to preparing people for ordained and lay leadership roles in the Church.       
  • We provide students with good theological education, training in pastoral skills, and opportunity for spiritual development in a faith-based learning community.
  • Our programs have been revised to make them available in rural and remote locations in the province and beyond.
  • We offer our Diploma in Theology and Ministry online so you can do it wherever you live
  • This is the 181st year of Queen’s College in operation (1841-2022) as a School of Theology
  • We offer degree and non-degree programs.
  • We have full-time and part-time students
  • We offer courses on campus, on line and by correspondence.
  • We have students from a variety of denominations and religious backgrounds

 We welcome all of the ways you support the Queen’s College Appeal.  Parishes, individuals and families contribute to the Appeal and to Queen’s College through the use of envelopes, online giving and In Memoriam, in lieu of flowers, and bequests on the death of a loved one. Any and every way that you can support Queen’s College is appreciated.

The Queen’s College Appeal is been an important source of revenue for the College.  Your support to help us continue in our important work of ministry training for the Church as we prepare people for ordained and lay leadership for the 21st Century.

Please continue to pray for Queen’s College and for vocations to ordained and lay ministries.  Thank you for supporting Queen’s College and our Appeal.

If you are interested in learning more about mindfulness and meditation, join us at the Resurrection on Wednesdays at 11am. Covid Protocols in place. These sessions are now being recorded and, if interested, you can watch and participate from home on our Facebook and Youtube channel. 

Please use eTransfers to to continue to support our ministry. You can also contact our treasurer Calvin Adams to set up automatic deposit. Or simply mail your offerings to Box 142 South River, A0A 3W0. 

You can watch and participate in our Sunday liturgy on our YouTube channel on our web page And also on our Facebook page.  

If you have any symptoms for cold or flu, please stay home. 

The Gospel Reading for Sunday, February 13: Luke 6:20-26

Preparing for Sunday Liturgy invites soul care. One of the ways to care for our souls is to daily and prayerfully reflect on the Gospel reading for the coming Sunday. A recommended way to do this prayerfully  each day is:

  1. Listening – read the Gospel passage over slowly, twice. Notice the word or phase that shimmers or stands out for you. Stay with that word or phrase for a few minutes in meditation.
  2. Meditation – spend a few minutes thinking about what that word or phrase means for you and for the community.
  3. Thanksgiving – next, spend a few minutes in thanksgiving for whatever spiritual fruits that may have come out of your meditation.
  4. Contemplation – to conclude this time of prayer, spend a few minutes simply resting in your awareness of God’s love for you and in you. 

As a way of inviting deeper listening for the Spirit during the Proclamation of the Word in the liturgy, the readings will now be introduced with “Listen for the Leading of the Spirit,” followed by silence, and then the Scriptural reading. We want to listen to the Word of God not only with our thinking minds, but more importantly, our spiritual hearts. We are listening for where God is leading us as individuals and as a community.