Buy a Key, Share in the Music Campaign

Good day folks,

After 17+ years our current electronic piano is having some problems. The parish has purchased the instrument already as music is a vital aspect of our liturgy and one I’m sure you would not want to be without. Starting this Sunday we will be having a campaign to cover the cost of a new electronic piano.

The Campaign is called:

Buy a Key, Share in the Music.

Each key will cost $45.

You can buy more than one key or share the costs of a key with someone.

Payments can be made by cash , cheque or EMT to the parish. If you are using cash or cheque, please ensure you write “keyboard or piano “ on the outside of the envelope. If using EMT, please write “keyboard or piano “ in the comment section ( This will ensure proper credit to you and to the campaign.

Thank you all for your continued support of this parish

Make a joyful noise,