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Welcome to the Web Page of the Anglican Parish of the Resurrection! Our hope is that this page will keep you up to date with current news and activities within the parish. Browse around and check us out. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter. And better yet, come and join us in person for liturgy, learning, serving and community living!!


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    Back to Church Sunday

    11:00 amParish of the Resurrection, South River

    I'm inviting you

    Back to Church Sunday: September 29

    Who are you inviting?


    Back to Church Sunday and focused Alpha invitation is all about the people who are not here. We aim to reach the people who are not here through the people who are here. And success is one person inviting one person.


    The secret of the Sower…he kept on sowing!! He learnt to discipline his disappointments.

    Not every one we ask will come, but we need to ask anyway – sowing the seed.


    12 Steps to Becoming an Inviting Church:


    1. Vision – If every one of us invited a friend and they accepted we would double our congregation. Let’s do it!

    2. I as the church leader am going to invite someone, will you?

    3. Make sure every member of the church has had a personal invitation to invite someone.

    4. Teach about how God connects people through friendship.

    5. The power of your story – to re-remember who invited you.

    6. Get every member to ask themselves the question – who has God been preparing in my life?

    7. Practice the question – “would you like to come to church with me?”

    8. Pray for courage to invite, and pray for those being invited.

    9. Make the invitation.

    10. Go and pick up your invited guest from their home. 

    11. Introduce them to friends over food and coffee.

    1. Assume they are coming the following time you meet as a church and invite them again.