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Welcome to the Web Page of the Anglican Parish of the Resurrection! Our hope is that this page will keep you up to date with current news and activities within the parish. Browse around and check us out. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter. And better yet, come and join us in person for liturgy, learning, serving and community living!!


Event Information:

  • Thu


    7:00 pmSt.George's Conference Room, Parish of Resurrection, South River

    invited"Invited," a series of short films and written resources, that seek to explore what it means to engage in genuine, Christian invitation. We begin with the conviction that "invitation" is at the very heart of the gospel--- that Jesus invites each one of us to come and follow Him, and being an invitational people is at the very core of our identity as Christians. Come and join us at the parish of the Resurrection in South River for this 6 week program, beginning 7pm on Thursday, April 16. All are welcome.

    1. Why invite?
    2. Whose invitation is it anyway?
    3. So who is invited?
    4. What gets in the way of us inviting?
    5. What does inviting look like today?
    6. What are the risks and rewards of inviting?

    What are we inviting people to?
    -- to learn and join in the way of Jesus Christ
    --a generous, loving people committed to the good news of Jesus Christ that transforms lives.