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Welcome to the Web Page of the Anglican Parish of the Resurrection! Our hope is that this page will keep you up to date with current news and activities within the parish. Browse around and check us out. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter. And better yet, come and join us in person for liturgy, learning, serving and community living!!


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    "Match" Campaign

    Parish of the Resurrection, South River


    Dear Parish Members:

    I am very pleased to bring some added great news to your Thanksgiving holiday. We have been approached by a person who has heard some good things about our Church, its achievements and goals. This person is willing to make a match donation of $1000.00, possibly more, to go towards our parish functions and aspirations. This means that if we can raise $1000.00 for our parish in any way, outside of our present fundraising programs, by the end of October this individual will donate the equivalent. One parish member has already pledged $100.00 to the venture. Therefore if my math is correct we only need to raise $900.00 to obtain $2000.00 in much needed funding. The donation at this time of year is dearly needed. If you can help in any way please contact me, Gary or Alfred before the end of the month.


    Lynn Clarke

    Rector’s Warden  



    Lynn Clarke, Rector’s Warden                     dan.lynn@nf.sympatico.ca

    Gary Myrden, People’s Warden                  gary.myrden@cna.nl.ca

    Alfred Efford, Lay Administrator                 alfredefford@northatlantic.ca