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Welcome to the Web Page of the Anglican Parish of the Resurrection! Our hope is that this page will keep you up to date with current news and activities within the parish. Browse around and check us out. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter. And better yet, come and join us in person for liturgy, learning, serving and community living!!


Event Information:

  • Sun

    This Summer @ Church

    11:00 amParish of the Resurrection, South River


    Notices: Summer 2016

    Our Annual Sunshine Campaign has a special envelope in your box of Offering Envelopes. The wardens and vestry are asking that you give an extra donation this summer, over and above what you would normally give. This is to help us meet our ongoing financial commitments over the slower summer months. Envelops are available at the entrance of the Emmaus Café, or contact one of the wardens or vestry.

    Summer Ministry Schedule
    THE HOLY EUCHARIST is celebrated in the Oratory on Sundays at 11am
    BREAKFAST BIBLE STUDY, Sundays at 9am.

    Sunday Lunches will resume after Labour Day.

    Monthly Buffet Breakfasts:
    Saturday, July 16 at 8:00am.
    Saturday, August 20 at 8:00am in conjunction with the Cupids Soiree.

    Annual Crab Fest will take place on the last weekend of July. For more info contact Winston Bishop at 683-0180 or wbishop@wbfinancial.ca.

    Parish Annual Golf Tournament will take place in August at Pitchers Pond Golf Course. For more info contact Lynn or Dan Clarke at 786-1798 or dan.lynn@nf.sympatico.ca

    During July, Deacon Gladys Harvey (528-4247) can be contacted for pastoral emergencies and funerals. Administration issues can be directed to the rector's warden Lynn Clarke (786-1798), or people's warden Deanna Spicer (786-3800).

    Flower Services
    July 17 Brigus 2pm
    July 24 South River 2pm
    July 31 Marysvale 2pm
    July 31 Cupids 2pm
    August 14 Makinsons 2pm
    In case of inclement weather, Flower Services will be held in the Oratory of the Resurrection.

    Please pray for the upcoming programing for the fall of 2016:

    Children’s Church, Sunday, September 11.
    Sunday Lunch Ministry, starts September 11.
    Back to Church Sunday, September 25.
    Youth Choir, starts Wednesday, September 14.
    Group Meditation, Sunday October 2.
    Pilgrim Course starts Monday, October 3.
    Meditation for Beginners, Tuesday, Oct 4.
    Afternoon Tea and Scones, will start Wednesday, October 5.
    Wednesday Night Bible Study, October 5.
    The Bereavement Course starts Thursday, Oct 6.
    Male Spiritual Formation Groups in early October.
    Female Spiritual Formation Groups in early October.
    Yoga will start up in early September.
    Knit Wits will start up in early October.
    Seniors Cafe, October 6.
    Buffet Breakfast, 3rd Saturday of each month.

    With the summer season upon us, and our parishioners holidaying and less regular at Sunday liturgy, it is even more difficult for us to make our monthly commitments. In addition to the Sunshine Campaign, please consider post dates cheques, or even better, sign up for automatic deposit.

    Another way of giving has been set up on our parish web page through Pay Pal. Check it out at www.anglicanresurrection.com

    Enjoy the summer, but don’t forget your church!

    Our pantry is getting low on moose meat that we use for our very successful monthly buffet breakfast. If you have any moose meat that you can donate to the parish, contact Bob Bishop or Gary Myrden.

    Helping Hand is getting low on food items. Please remember to bring items on Sundays (or bring directly to the food bank) to donate to the Helping Hand.

    Automatic deposit and Envelopes: Your responsible financial contribution to the parish is of course very important. Envelops are available on table at entrance to the Oratory. For more information on automatic deposit, please talk to any of the financial team: Deanna Spicer, Lynn Clarke, Winston Bishop, or Father Gerald.

    The Lord Jesus calls us to be a welcoming and Spirit-filled community. As we gather from Sunday to Sunday, and throughout the week, please make the opportunity to greet and love those whom you don’t YET know.

    The HOUSE for the CHURCH
    A number of years ago as our parish was continuing the process of re-creating our dying 4 point parish into one vibrant new community, and we began the process of selling our buildings, we were accused of selling the “church.” You cannot sell the church, because the church is the people of God. Therefore we were intentional on not calling any part of the new building a “church.” We wanted a “Home”where the church would gather for a common life, prayer and service to others.

    “The “Church,” the ecclesia, is the people of God. When St.Paul in his New Testament letters refers to the Church, he is not referring to any building (for there was no “church building”, people gathered in houses for eucharist and fellowship), he is referring to Christian people in a particular local.

    With this theological teaching in mind, the Parish of the Resurrection - in a time of liturgical and spiritual renewal - continues to build the Church (as is our call in every generation), edifying and calling into deepening maturity the people of God who father in this parish. In this process of building up the Church, we do need to “house” the church. This is what the “New House for the Church” building project was all about. Putting a roof over the Church in our parish. A House that enables us to continue to proclaim and live the unchanging truth of Christ, yet enable us to do so in an ever changing society.

    To honour and respect the exciting and transformative journey that this church family has been on, let us refrain from referring to the building as the “church.” We the people are the church, and the church gathers in its house to pray, to love and to serve.